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There really is no substitute for talking to someone in our office, and almost everyone’s dental care needs are unique. Here are some very general answers to some of the more typical questions we hear.

I’m anxious about receiving dental care. How can you help me to overcome this issue?2018-06-18T16:51:01-04:00

We do offer nitrous oxide sedation and can prescribe anti-anxiety medication. Once patients find out how gentle we are, they usually wonder why they were so worried in the first place. If you’ve had a bad experience or just think it will hurt, prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

I am not a current patient, and I have a chipped tooth, toothache, or other emergency. Is it possible for a Brightwork dentist to see me sometime soon?2018-06-18T16:58:35-04:00

We offer prompt evaluation and appropriate treatment or referrals if needed.

Does Brightwork do cosmetic dentistry?2018-06-18T16:58:55-04:00

The short answer is yes, we offer most types of cosmetic dentistry. The longer answer is that in our view, all dentistry is “cosmetic” in one way or another. A crown should look just like your other teeth. Today, there is no reason to do dental work that looks bad. We want you to have a healthy mouth, and that not only looks better; it feels better, too.

Does Brightwork do restorative dentistry?2018-06-18T16:59:14-04:00

Yes. We perform everything from simple fillings to full mouth reconstruction.

Does Brightwork remove wisdom teeth?2018-06-18T16:59:35-04:00

Oral surgery is a specialty, and we refer patients to appropriate doctors for treatment.

Does Brightwork do orthodontic work (braces?)2018-06-18T16:59:59-04:00

Orthodontics are another specialty, and we refer patients to appropriate doctors for treatment.

Does Brightwork perform root canals?2018-06-18T17:00:25-04:00

That’s yet another specialty, and we refer patients to appropriate doctors for treatment.

What is gingivitis?2018-06-18T17:00:46-04:00

Reversible gum disease. The symptoms are usually tender gums that bleed easily.

What is an abscessed tooth?2018-06-18T17:01:07-04:00

This is an infected tooth and needs immediate treatment. The symptoms are pain in the jaw, swollen gums, bleeding gums, and/or headache.

Do I need to floss between visits?2018-06-18T17:01:29-04:00

Yes. Though, to be honest, it’s probably better if you floss between your teeth. (Ha!)

What are Brightwork’s rates, and do you accept insurance?2018-06-18T17:01:56-04:00

Please call our office for detailed information.


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